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The Awards

The Advocate

An advocate is an individual or organization who uses their public platform to promote and advance women’s causes.

The Company

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This organization has built and uses its platform to support and advance women, forging meaningful outcomes and championing change in its industry as a whole.

The Founder 

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A founder has persevered in the face of adversity to launch and grow a business.

The Sponsor

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A sponsor leverages their network and resources to help the women that they mentor advance and succeed in their career. 

The Role Model


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A role model demonstrates what is possible for ambitious women. They are someone with a long trajectory, demonstrated integrity and leadership in their field, who inspires other women to strive for greatness. 

Unsung Heroes

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Business leaders and investors that have worked tirelessly in the shadows to provide meaningful support to our communities. Whether being on the front lines during the global pandemic or being active in the fight against racial injustice.

The 2021 Winners

Our Partners


The 2021 Champions Committee

The Champion Awards are a grassroots celebration of diverse leadership. Hosted by the Female Founders Alliance, the awards recognize champions of equity across industries, selected by the people they lead. 


The Champion Awards are a 3-month process that involves FFA’s large and thriving community, culminating in an unforgettable ceremony and party. Last year, thousands of women nominated and voted for more than 600 champions. Nominees included Lisa Jackson (Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives), Charlotte Clymer (Press Secretary for Rapid Response at Human Rights Campaign) and Toni Hoover (Head of Strategy Planning & Management at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). Read more of last year's coverage here.


Nearly 400 women and allies attended the online watch party, followed by a more intimate VIP mix and mingle. The awards show featured cameos from influential women like the international soccer star and activist Megan Rapinoe, and Pattie Sellers, the editor who founded and led Fortune's Most Powerful Women.


In all, the awards garnered almost 100k impressions across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


The Champion Awards were founded in 2018 at the outset of the #metoo movement. In under three years they’ve grown from a Seattle-based tech community celebration to a national event that crosses industries. In 2021, we’re poised to cross over to a mainstream national audience, and we’re looking for the right partners to take that step with us. Is that you?

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