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2019 Finalists & Winners

The Advocate Award

BTSW Podcast
Laura Clise
Founder & CEO
Michelle Nitz
Executive Director
WINNER: Julie Pham
VP Community Engagement & Marketing, WTIA
Deena Pierott
Founder, iUrban Teen
Co-Founder, Black Women in STEM 2.0
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The Company Award

Girl Scouts of Western Washington
Megan Ferland, CEO
WINNER: Molly Moon's Homemade
Molly Moon Neitzel, CEO
Anika Lehde, CEO
Seattle Storm
& Force 10 Sports Management
Alisha Valavanis, CEO
Kieran Snyder, CEO
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The Founder Award

Kristina Bergman
Founder & CEO
Integris Software Inc.
Beth Kolko
Shift Lab
Sandi Lin
CEO and Co-Founder
WINNER: Karen Okonkwo
Ambika Singh
Founder & CEO
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The Investor Award

Hope Cochran
Managing Director
Madrona Ventures
Amy McCullough
Managing Director
Trilogy Equity Partners
Lisa Nelson
Managing Director, M12
(Microsoft’s Venture Fund)
WINNER: Yoko Okano
Angel investor
Founding member, Grubstakes
Javier Soto
Founding Member
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The Role Model Award

WINNER: Jill Angelo
CEO and Co-Founder
Aiko Bethea
Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Fred Hutch
Adriane Brown
Venture Partner
Flying Fish Venture Fund
Elis Salamone
Medical Practice Manager
Puyallup Tribal Health Authority
Tana Senn
State Representative
Washington State Legislature
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The Sponsor Award

Ahmad Corner
Young Professionals of Seattle
Olive Goh
Citi Private Bank
Janis Machala
Managing Partner
Paladin Partners
Martina Welkhoff
Managing Partner
WXR Fund
WINNER: Shellie Willis
Redefining You Foundation
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An unforgettable gala that invites thousands of professional women and allies to nominate, vote for, award and celebrate the people that propel us forward. In today's polarized world of us vs. them, entrenchment and finger pointing, we believe it is more important than ever to recognize the companies, people and organizations who demonstrate behaviors we want to see more of. We want to shine the spotlight on women's allies; to celebrate those who have done right by us; to say thanks where thanks are due.


The Champion Awards are driven by professional women of all backgrounds and origins that live in the Pacific Northwest. We invite you to nominate YOUR champions and to vote for YOUR winners. Every single nominee will be notified and recognized. Through this process, you'll have the power to encourage more of the behavior you want to see. Imagine if we all do that, the change we can achieve together. 

Read more about the 2019 Champion Award winners here.

Hosted by KUOW's

Eula Scott Bynoe & Jeannie Yandel

The 2019 Selection Committee

Aiko Bethea
Head of D&I
Fred Hutch
Amy McCullough
Managing Director
Trilogy Equity Partners
Ashlea Elliott
Lean In Seattle
Betti Fujikado
Co-founder & CEO
Elizabeth Scallon
Director, PNW
WeWork Labs
Harini Gokul
Katharine Geramita
Co-founder, Lyfboat
FFA Founding Director
Josh Williams
Chief Banking Officer
Seattle Bank
Kim Vu
Market Executive
Bank of America
Leslie Feinzaig
Founder & CEO
Female Founders Alliance
Lisa Hufford
Founder & CEO
Simplicity Consulting
Lydia Frank
Vice President
Maria Chavez Wilcox
YWCA Seattle
Megan McNally
F-Bomb Breakfast Club
Michael Schutzler
Mikaela Kiner
Founder & CEO
Ruchika Tulshyan
The Diversity Advantage
Shauna Swerland
Founder & CEO
Fuel Talent
Taylor Soper
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The Awards

The Advocate

An advocate is an individual or organization who uses their public platform to promote and advance women’s causes.

2018 Winner: Megan McNally, Founder, F-Bomb Breakfast Club

The Company

New category! This organization has created a work culture that supports and advances women, forging meaningful outcomes for its employees that run counter to what’s typical in its industry as a whole.

The Founder

New category!

A founder has persevered in the face of adversity to launch and grow a business. This is a peer award that will ultimately be voted on by the members of the Female Founders Alliance. 

The Investor

An investor has literally put “their money where their mouth is” when it comes to investing in women-led businesses and helping founders succeed. 

2018 Winners: Angel Investors Sarah Imbach & Serena Glover

The Sponsor

A sponsor leverages their network and resources to help the women that they mentor advance and succeed in their career. 

2018 Winner: Chaitra Vedullapalli, Meylah, Women in Cloud

The Role Model

A role model demonstrates what is possible for ambitious women. She is someone with a long trajectory, demonstrated integrity and leadership in her field, who inspires other women to strive for greatness.


2018 Winner: Sarah Bird, CEO Moz

The Unsung Hero

Unsung heroes don't get a lot of press but work hard to provide support and opportunities for women. 2018 Winners: Brandy Rhodes, Elizabeth Ringwald, Kalpana Viswanathan, Keita Williams, Melody Biringer, Michelle Goldberg, Rebekah Bastian, Sandy Anuras, Sue Borgman.

 Key Dates for 2020


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The Champion Awards!

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